Beginner's Mind


The name still rings a bell.
With the decaying teeth and fecal face state between the sorrows of boy Jorge and a bothersome brotherhood.
I lay my worries to a medium dry taste in the small town of Griffen in New South Wales.
May they be trouble for the next death I suffer with a shaved skin and be drunken from their imported bottles.
For a lovely nest for the hungered best, we stand and become the awe for a world outside our own copies of unoriginal snippets of glories writers and my gorgeous photographers.
I shall miss it all.


Here’s the second track off my band Wrinkles’ forthcoming EP. We had a fucking blast recording it. Peep this and get the word out! You can also download it for free, if you’re into that. Wrinkles Nation, hoe.

Here is a new single my band wrinkles just dropped. Listen up.


My band just released our first single for our upcoming ep ‘Hella Killer’

Give it a listen and spread da word.

50 notes and I shoved a bottle up my ass. If you haven’t listened yet, check it out ya dingus.

It’s also up for free download

My band just released our first single for our upcoming ep ‘Hella Killer’

Give it a listen and spread da word.

Never did a plane hit the side of New York’s golden child. Dreading truth: knowing. As I know your pain is done by nothing more Than heavens tragedy. A flapping in memory of burnt lights of dc over and over again and I am burned out. Flickering all nights, as we wait to hear something more enriching. We tighten to everything that surrounds us and her buns, her freckled face, funny taste, her all powerful way of making us feel in gulped by oceans of gasoline couldn’t be further.
Another… another… fucking fuck… another day goes as I waste times hearing how shit spills through gutters of a torturous home and 5 o’clock shadow can be a false prophet, yet again reaping the benefits of the manipulative sad mind to suck confused lady into his arms and will only choke her.

When she chokes I choke.
I gasp for air during that slight moment of near sleep thinking of her.

Dried up by Florida and her eyes crossing between mountains and ocean view. Of all the metaphors being erased for a few months and hearing the disappointed man, threatening her entire purpose of childhood. The reasons why I fell on top of her.

Recollecting the fall of Baltimore. In parking lots, with a dead man celebration closing and my life reopening to a second of being okay.

It’ll be okay.

She will be away for longer days, without sight of the rubs of toes and licks of teeth is nightmares to await. To only balance hope, luck, and bitterness. May we survive this. May we patiently continue to love afar. To treasure the embodiment of accidents and be lovers once again.
I fear so.