Beginner's Mind


My Boy

September is scooping under our callouses, created from the afternoons of summer tappin. Flapping away and I am tender to words swaying in the vibrations, finding home in my cells.
All that my boy gently speech like a song bird, charming as if it’s safe to fall in love.
We are out for love anyways, and drinks and moon and Delaware creeks.
While she wakes up early and we are waking up when The Lord takes in a dark lung breath from the pack of fortune.
you may lose and I’ll lose you
And you should find your inners bleeding for you.
She and me and we will bleed and we will miss and you will search and find me out on top of stone or under the dirt and you should follow and become that awe man I am waiting to tear for. My boy I’ll cheer and you’ll be strength for the hope of man kind.

I wonder over paces from steps of questionable beings,

questioning love and who has seen it.

Stranded amongst the creaking boards

and a lady who is above all else a strain of undoubtable therapeutic design.

As my grandmother wish to lay on something as nice.

With a gentle chord strumming patterns, drifting towards another queer nights sleep.

I especially notice the way the eyes peer upon the distance and gaze on resistance.

Balancing culture and sorrow, then the day of recognizing my place will become a metaphoric dream for a brother I do not see.

Finding oneself in a mirror of defiance.

For she has a bleak flame, yet a flame,

I hope shall grow and burn this place we call home.

The name still rings a bell.
With the decaying teeth and fecal face state between the sorrows of boy Jorge and a bothersome brotherhood.
I lay my worries to a medium dry taste in the small town of Griffen in New South Wales.
May they be trouble for the next death I suffer with a shaved skin and be drunken from their imported bottles.
For a lovely nest for the hungered best, we stand and become the awe for a world outside our own copies of unoriginal snippets of glories writers and my gorgeous photographers.
I shall miss it all.


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My band just released our first single for our upcoming ep ‘Hella Killer’

Give it a listen and spread da word.

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It’s also up for free download

My band just released our first single for our upcoming ep ‘Hella Killer’

Give it a listen and spread da word.